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Mission Builders & Consultants, is one of the special kind of dream builders, who can turn your dreams into a colorful, comfortable reality . We at, Mission Builders & Consultants, are specialists in Vastu based modern building designs. Vastu Shastra , the ancient art and science of structural engineering, is the backbone of any building design. Earth and its magnetic fields have a tremendous effect on the emotional and physical well being of humans and the dwellings that they build. Vastu Shastra principles aim to balance these effects , by giving importance to the directions and perimeter of the homes. Proper positioning of the building as well as its parts (such as drawing room, office room, dining room kitchen , bathroom ) can be done using Vastu Shastra. The alignment of key furniture in the rooms are also important for an energetic life. Mission Builders & Consultants, implements these Vastu principles , innovating on empty spaces to come up with beautiful designs for your dream home , thus ensuring a harmonious positive energy in your life and home !

Pre Engineered Building Construction

Although PEB systems are extensively used in industrial and many other non residential constructions worldwide, it is relatively a new concept in India. With respect to design of the structure and aesthetic appearance India is way behind. Indian manufacturers are trying to catch up; comparatively PEB's is a new concept in India. Beside, in fabrication and other areas of PEB India is very good.

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